Dynamics of an SIS Model on Homogeneous Networks with Delayed Reduction of Contact Numbers

Maoxing Liu, Gergely Rost


During infectious disease outbreaks, people may modify their contact patterns after realizing the risk of infection. In this paper, we assume that individuals make the decision of reducing a fraction of their links when the density of infected individuals exceeds some threshold, but the decision is made with some delay. Under such assumption, we study the dynamics of a delayed SIS epidemic model on homogenous networks. By theoretical analysis and simulations, we conclude that the density of infected individuals periodically oscillate for some range of the basic reproduction number. Our results indicate that information delays can have important effects on the dynamics of infectious diseases.


epidemic model; networks; delay; stability; oscillation

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11145/j.biomath.2012.10.045


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