60th Anniversary of the Seminal Paper on Interval Analysis and Computations by T. Sunaga

Roumen Anguelov, Svetoslav Markov


Sunaga considered all computational procedures, which had been  traditionally defined on real numbers, as being too ideal and proposed to replace them by the procedures on real intervals in order to make everything "more realistic". Sunaga studied many different kinds of numerical procedures including the Taylor-series interval solution of the initial-value problem of ordinary differential equations.

The purpose of the present note is to mark the 60-th anniversary of the publication of the seminal work by the Japan mathematician Teruo Sunaga. The paper summarizes the results of his Master Thesis. Sunaga's work sets the foundation of the contemporary interval analysis and reliable computing. This is an interdisciplinary field, combining abstract mathematical theories and practical applications related to computer science, numerical analysis and mathematical modeling in the natural, engineering and social-economic sciences.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11145/bmc.2018.12.315

ISSN 2367-5233 (print)
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